Silica Gel Canister for Safes - 750g

Silica Gel Desiccant

Unisorb by JMP

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Locked away from prying eyes and would be thieves but are your prized and valuable possessions locked away from the dangers of excessive moisture?? No.. then try one our Safe Canisters!

These metal canisters contain small orange beads of highly absorbing silica gel. These are known as indicating silica gel beads as they will turn a dark brown/green colour as they absorb a high amount of moisture. You can monitor the colour of the silica gel by looking through the clear window in the lid of the canister.

The 450g safe canister is suitable for small home and wall type safes whilst the 750g canister is more suitable to larger style safes such as those that house guns and other large objects.

Silica Gel will work faster or slower depending on the various conditions it can be exposed to. So it is important to check the colour of the silica gel inside the canister on a regular basis to ensure your possessions are properly protected from moisture damage.


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