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Silica Gel

JMP's Unisorb Silica Gel is a compact style of desiccant which has been developed specifically for the moisture-proof requirements of small to medium enclosed areas. Quite often without the use of silica gel, these enclosures contain a varying amount of humidity which can cause moisture damage to the goods stored within.

Camera and lenses storage are a prime example of products which are highly susceptible to moisture damage. Moisture that is not controlled can cause rust, mildew, corrosion and even develop a build up of mold, damaging expensive lenses and delicate electronic circuitry. Unisorb Silica Gel sachets fit neatly into all camera bags, are inexpensive yet will absorb moisture quickly and effectively, ensuring your camera equipment stays dry and in perfect working order.

Unisorb Silica Gel comes in a variety of sizes and weights ensuring we have a desiccant to suit your requirements. Silica Gel is used across many different applications such as safes, gun cabinets, camera cases, video and photo collections, computer parts and accessories, lighting enclosures, tool boxes, storage cabinets, display cases and jewellery boxes just to name a few.

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Active Mineral

JMP's Unisorb Active Mineral Container desiccants are a must when shipping product long distances in order to keep your cargo in a dry and safe condition.

Active mineral can absorb a large amount of moisture vapour over a long period of time to control the relative humidity inside a shipping container, preventing 'container rain' and subsequent damage to your products. Unisorb Active Mineral desiccants are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the German DIN 55473 standard and US Mil-D-3464E standard and qualify for the DIN CERTCO certification.

Active mineral desiccants adopts pure natural montmorillonite mineral as the absorbent as it has better absorption performance than silica gel under lower humidity (RH20%). Advantages of Unisorb's Active Mineral Desiccant is its high absorption rate of up to 100% of its own weight, high strength in its structure, low dust impact and comparatively low cost.

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