Here's an important question.. are you using silica gel in direct contact with food or pharmaceuticals? If the answer is yes here is the next important question... is your silica gel made from NOT JUST USFDA approved materials but in an approved USFDA facility? If the answer is no you should stop using this silica gel immediately and contact us.

Many Australian websites selling silica gel deliberately mislead consumers by marketing their silica gel as made from Tyvek, a USFDA approved material insinuating that it is ok to use in direct contact with food and pharmaceuticals. They conveniently leave out the fact that there factories are not approved by the USFDA, do not have the required clean room facilities nor the processes involved to ensure production and packaging is of the required standards for foodgrade and pharmaceutical grade is met.

Many of these non-approved silica gel desiccants come from factories in Asia where many contaminants are possible. Rats, mice, insects, other chemicals, lack of temperature control, lack of moisture control, dust and general pollution can all contaminate the silica gel production line and have a flow on effect to your product and your consumers. Here is an example of a competitor's claim... "Our 0.5gm Silica is available in an FDA and TGA safe Tyvek bag". The material might be 'safe' but the actual end product could have been made in a filthy, dust filled factory with no pest control measures. A lack of temperature control could also prematurely activate the silica gel, offering you minimal or no actual protection.

Do you want this product sitting in 100,000 of your vitamin jars? Does it sound like its worth the risk? Definitely not.

Ask your Silica Gel supplier for their factories Drug Master File Number, this is the number of the certification issued to the factory on successful application to the USFDA. JMP has this, most of our competitors do not.

We have a select range of silica gel desiccants made under these USFDA certifications. Not all our silica gel require to be made under these conditions. So contact us and we can advise you on which of our desiccants which suit your needs and potentially keep your consumers safe!

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